Mindful Eating

We know that diets do not work in the long term. Often times people will lose weight using the latest diet only to be discouraged when they gain the weight back very quickly. Or, they will begin a diet only to be frustrated with the complex rules about what they can and can not eat. Restricting foods only create a desire to binge on that food at a later date.

Mindful eating is developing an awareness of eating. Eating when we are hungry and eating the foods we need at that time. We rely on our bodies to tell us when and what to eat and not a diet book.

Not sure whether mindless eating is an issue for you? Do you ever

  • eat when you aren't hungry and feel guilty afterwards?
  • eat when you are upset, lonely, angry or bored?
  • eat when the clock says it is meal time rather than when your stomach is empty?
  • stop eating only because your plate is empty rather than when your stomach says it is full?
Mindful eating allows us to choose foods that are pleasing and nourshing to our bodies. We are able to enjoy the food more intensely because we are using all our senses when we eat. Mindful eating also allows us to develop improved eating habits; we are aware that we are lonely and the twinkie won't make the loneliness go away. When we are mindfully eating, we are less likely to overeat which will allow our bodies to lose weight naturally.

Wanting to address issues related to your eating? Contact me to see if participating in my mindful eating group would be beneficial or whether individual therapy would be a better fit for you. I look forward to talking to you!

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